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Find out more about the Las Vegas Criminal Defense and Personal Injury lawyers of Boley & AlDabbagh Ltd.

Attorneys Joshua AlDabbagh and Thomas Boley have earned a solid reputation as aggressive trial lawyers who fight passionately for the best interests of their clients. Both of the lawyers have extensive experience in Criminal Defense and Personal Injury matters.

From Las Vegas personal injury cases to DUI and Domestic Violence charges in Pahrump, the founding lawyers of Boley & AlDabbagh Ltd. will handle your Nevada case and put you and your needs first.


(These are actualy testimonials provided by clients of Boley and AlDabbagh Ltd. Client identities have been intentionally withheld to protect their privacy.)

  • (Translated from Spanish) “I was not guilty of my domestic charge.  My lawyer took to the case trial and won.  He was good in the court and the Judge saw that.  I feel good about this law firm and my lawyers there”
  • “HBA Law was very aggressive with my DUI.  The DA offered to have me plead to DUI minimums, but Tom advised I go forward to trial.  At first, I wanted to take the deal, but I saw the reasons to go forward.  I was so nervous, but the DA did exactly what they said he would.  I plead to reckless with DUI minimums.  HBA really knows DUI law, and they will give you the best advice for your situation”
  • “After inquiring about my case with 2 other lawyers in town I was reffered by a friend to the [Boley and] Aldabbagh Law firm. They handled my legal matter quickly and ended up getting the charges dismissed. During the court process they continiously kept me informed and listened to my questions”
  • “A good friend of mine told me that I should hire an attorney after I was in a pretty bad car accident last March. They recommended Boley and AlDabbagh because they did a great job for her.
    I was unsure of what I should do, but the law firm said that I could have a free consultation so I went in and spoke with attorney AlDabbagh. I am very happy with that decision, because they took the time to teach me exactly what my options were, and told me they could help. I didn’t have insurance or anything, but they ended up getting me in with some doctors who worked right away at treating me for my neck and back pain and who agreed to get paid later from my case. I got better, and then the lawyers negotiated a great settlement from the insurance company
    I ended up with no medical bills, no pain and lots of money for my troubles. Thank you SO MUCH! =)”
  • “I hired Mr. Boley for a criminal law matter and was extremely impressed with the responsiveness, attention to detail, competency and professionalism he showed. From beginning to resolution of my legal matter, he went above and beyond to keep me informed and I was extremely pleased with the result. I would highly recommend hiring Tom as your attorney”
  • “Thomas is a very intelligent professional attorney. He has provided me with great advice in a wide variety of legal matters and has helped point me in the right direction to get them handled properly. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him or his firm again in the future and would refer anyone I know needing legal advise to him”
  • “I am so happy I was referred to Boley & AlDabbagh! A friend of mine used their services when he was in a car accident, and recommended that I use them when I was rear ended earlier this year. The insurance company tried to SCREW me and barely offered me anything at all. The lawyers at Boley & AlDabbagh happily sued the other driver, and my case ended up settling for DOUBLE what the insurance company tried to shove down my throat in the beginning!
    Thanks guys, I hope no one I knows gets into an accident but if they do they are calling YOU!”
  • “I was in a lot of trouble because of some bad decisions I made. I was looking at a bunch of different charges for credit card fraud and something like 30 years in prison. I hired Josh AlDabbagh because he took the time to answer all of my questions when I first consulted him. He showed up every time I had court and took all my calls. He worked hard at negotiating my case and we went through several rounds of plea bargains before I ended up only getting a misdemeanor on my record with no jail time! I owe him him my life and will recommend him to anyone I know that is in trouble!”
  • “Tom Boley is a great lawyer.  He told me about medpay insurance and how it can help me get cash out of my car accident.  He made sure my treatment went good and my doctors were paid by the insurance company.  Then his firm put everything together and got me a big check.
    I went back to Boley when my wife was arrested for DUI cough “twice” cough.  He really went the extra mile to help her.  I would recommend Boley & AlDabbagh to anyone who needs a lawyer for criminal or personal injury”
  • “Its said that When you select an attorney good or bad it’s important to put your faith in them. Well rest assured when selecting Boley & AlDabbagh your faith is with a GREAT Firm! I used them for a criminal case and even though the cards didn’t appear to be dealt in my favor and though I was innocent this firm sat with me and not only shared their expertise but listened to me as a client and found ways to support my wishes.At the end of the day instead of taking the financial business route like most attorneys they for the least expensive along with the most effective outcome on my behalf. Without them I would have paid 5 X’s more and been represented by an attorney in it for the money not my best interest. They saved me Thousands and headaches! If looking for quality representation and honest lawyers with client integrity Boley & Aldebaugh is my recommendation.”