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Joshua practices primarily in the areas of Personal Injury and Estate Planning. After graduating from William S. Boyd School of Law and obtaining his Nevada Bar License in 2010, Joshua opened his own law firm and began defending those accused of committing crimes while working with other local firms on their civil and criminal cases.

Joshua’s affordable prices and aggressive approach to criminal defense quickly escalated his reputation as an effective and capable attorney. He merged his solo practice with Thomas Boley in 2012, and changed his focus to Personal Injury law, utilizing his wealth of experience in court from his criminal practice to litigate personal injury claims that other attorneys were unable to settle outside of court.

Joshua’s current focus is on Personal Injury and Estate Planning. With a passion for advocating for those who have been injured due to negligence, Joshua brings a wealth of experience and compassion to every case he handles. His commitment to securing justice and fair compensation for his clients is unwavering. In addition to his expertise in personal injury law, Joshua is also deeply knowledgeable in estate planning matters. Understanding the importance of safeguarding assets and ensuring one’s legacy, Joshua provides personalized guidance and comprehensive solutions to individuals and families seeking to plan for the future. With Joshua by your side, you can trust that your legal needs will be met with diligence, integrity, and care.