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Accused Of Trespassing After Being Assaulted By Security In Las Vegas

Thu Mar 24th, by General |

Does this sound familiar?

You are on vacation in Las Vegas, and you are having a great time. Maybe you are there for a birthday, or bachelor party. Maybe you are even there with a fiance or on a honeymoon. You are gambling in the casino, or partying by a pool or in a club. You have some drinks (like you’re supposed to, I mean it IS Vegas, right?), get a little loud and rowdy. Next thing you know, you’re surrounded by security and being bodily pushed out the door. You dig in your heels, trying to stop the momentum and figure out why they are removing you from the property. You are a hotel guest! You just want to know why the hotel you are paying good money to stay at is trying to throw you out of their casino. Next thing you know, you are being thrown to the ground, into objects, being jarred, punched, pushed and generally getting the crap beaten out of you. What happens now? You get to speak to management, right? Those security guards get fired, and your hotel room gets comp’d?

Not in Vegas.

If you are lucky? You get shoved into a waiting room, and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is called. Security lies to the police, telling them that you were trespassed from the property, refused to leave, and are being detained until police officers arrive. Once the police are on the scene, they interview several security guards, then start writing you a citation. Your story is drowned out, and now you are staring at a piece of paper telling you to appear in the Las Vegas Justice Court for a court date several months from now.

If you are unlucky? You are wheeled out of the casino on a stretcher, and find yourself taking a ride in an ambulance to the nearest hospital. Where, by the way, police officers will arrive to hand you your trespass citation.

Believe it or not, this is a very common story. Just because it is common, doesn’t mean its right, or that Las Vegas hotel security are allowed to beat up their guests and then get them arrested. The Mafia days are over. Our law firm has been very successful in getting these types of criminal charges dismissed, and then suing the offending hotel and their security for assault, battery, negligent hiring, defamation and false imprisonment. Jury verdicts and settlements over these scenarios have ranged from $60,000.00 to well into the six or even seven figure range, depending on the severity of the injuries sustained by the hotel guest and the egregiousness of the security guards’ conduct.

If you or someone you know have been injured by hotel security in Las Vegas, don’t wait to call our law firm and ask to speak to one of our experienced attorneys about what happened to you. We need to act quickly to preserve video footage from inside the Hotel / Casino. Take photos of any injuries, and save anything you think might be useful as evidence, such as destroyed property or recorded statements from witnesses of the incident.

We will help you obtain the justice you deserve. And maybe those security guards will learn a lesson along the way this time…but we’re not holding our breaths.