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Ambulance Chasers and Insurance

Tue Sep 6th, by General |

We all know the negative stereotypes of money hungry lawyers. Those damn lawyers follow ambulances to the hospital to sign up injury clients so that they can make money.

Here’s the truth: When you are the victim of a car accident, it is a race for your rights. Insurance companies have lobbied to keep personal injury lawyers out of ambulances and hospitals, limiting our ability to contact an accident victim during the days after an accident. Why would they do this? Personal injury lawyers tend to inform injury victims of their rights when injured by another party. And the value of a claim deteriorates quickly. Keeping you delayed and in the dark increases an insurance company’s profits. Simply informing a personal injury victim costs the insurance company money because the value of the person’s claim goes up when they understand their rights.

Insurance companies profit off of ignorance and skepticism of personal injury attorneys. You should always be skeptical when being approached by anyone with a contract. However, if you experience a car accident, you will realize that it is not personal injury attorneys who follow your ambulance to the hospital. Insurance companies have fleets of mobile response vehicles that can respond at the scene of an accident and even to your hospital room. Adjusters have mobile printers so they can print you a check from their car and pay you pennies on the dollar for your claim. AND THEY DON’T WANT US THERE WITH YOU.

Maybe personal injury attorneys are greedy. Maybe the stereotype of the attorney with the sharkskin suit and German car is accurate. But at least our incentive is to maximize your recovery. We get paid a percentage of your recovery.

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