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Author: Thomas

What if I am denied a gaming card?

Tue Jul 16th, by Gaming Law |

In Nevada, gaming is a privileged industry. That means that you do not have perfect freedom to work in the gaming industry like certain other industries. In order to work in gaming, you must obtain a gaming card, which is the license to work in gaming. This is very important […]

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Why we say being “compensated” rather than “paid.”

Tue Jul 16th, by Personal Injury |

When you are the victim of a car accident, there are several categories of monetary relief to which you are entitled. Each one of them is designed to compensate you for a loss. Some of the categories are: Past medical bills. This is self-explanatory, simply compensation for the cost of […]

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But the insurance company told me I would get less money

Fri Jul 12th, by Personal Injury |

This is one of the grossest misrepresentations made by insurance companies, that you will end up with less money with your car accident injury claim if you hire a law firm. The problem is that it makes sense! Most people aren’t greedy, trying to make money off of a personal […]

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B&A Firm, here when you need us.

Thu Jul 11th, by General |

At Boley & AlDabbagh, we know that hiring counsel is not like picking out a movie or hitting a happy hour after work. Hiring a lawyer is not something you want to do, but an ugly necessity. When clients walk in our door, they are distressed and have major problems. […]

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