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But the insurance company told me I would get less money

Fri Jul 12th, by Personal Injury |

This is one of the grossest misrepresentations made by insurance companies, that you will end up with less money with your car accident injury claim if you hire a law firm. The problem is that it makes sense! Most people aren’t greedy, trying to make money off of a personal injury accident claim. And everyone has heard stories about greedy lawyers who take more money than their clients. Some of those stories are even true. My colleagues, over the decades, have earned a reputation for being quite ruthless with their clients. Insurance companies know this, and take advantage of the stereotype.

The insurer might even promise to pay your costs if you submit them. In a serious accident, they may even give you an offer of settlement with some cash for your inconvenience. There are certain cases where policy limits are low and injuries are large, where the insurance company would tender the policy limit, whether or not counsel was involved. At Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm, we turn away those cases. We only take cases where we can improve the situation of our client.

The vast majority of injury accidents are quite the opposite. An experienced law firm adds value to your claim by creating a picture of trial from day one. Juries are quite sympathetic with injury victims in the State of Nevada, and insurers know this. They know it so well that often we do not need to put on a trial or arbitration. Keep in mind, insurance companies are experts at assigning value. Hiring counsel creates a higher cost of litigation and it exponentially raises the exposure for an insurer (in most cases).

In my eleven years of practice, I have seen many clients come into our offices with offers from an insurer. 100% of the time, our firm has paid itself and improved the money received by the client in the end. While insurance companies tell you that you will make less money by hiring counsel, experience dictates otherwise.

Today there is a trend for lawyers to market themselves as more ethical than their competition. I think that is amazing. And frankly, I plan on another three decades of practice in Las Vegas. We have high standards for ourselves, and high standards for the results we deliver to the client.