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Fix Your Own Famn Traffic Tickets!

Thu Aug 25th, by General |

I think every attorney in town has been waiting to say this to their clients for years. It is tedious, low-profit, and uninteresting work. Years ago, volume ticket practice was the way to make money. However, that is a thing of the past. The past few years have been what we would call the “Ticket Wars” where attorneys were charging as low as $10 for fixing traffic tickets, some of them even doing it for free!

Even I had a marketing campaign called “Ticket Tom,” which was a cartoon of me that I put on various billboards around Vegas. By the way, try shaking that nickname… I’m so glad I got LASIK.

All the major courts in the Las Vegas Valley now have a portal where you can enter a plea and generally receive a favorable negotiation without points for MOST traffic citations. (I say most because this does not apply to tickets in warrant or major traffic like reckless driving).

For Las Vegas Justice Court, go to and click on “Pay Traffic Ticket.” For basic speeding violations, you will receive an amended charge of illegal parking and will not have to attend traffic school.

For Las Vegas Municipal Court, go to and log in as a defendant. You will have the option to enter a plea to illegal parking and pay a reduced fine.

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