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Why we say being “compensated” rather than “paid.”

Tue Jul 16th, by Personal Injury |

When you are the victim of a car accident, there are several categories of monetary relief to which you are entitled. Each one of them is designed to compensate you for a loss. Some of the categories are: Past medical bills. This is self-explanatory, simply compensation for the cost of […]

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But the insurance company told me I would get less money

Fri Jul 12th, by Personal Injury |

This is one of the grossest misrepresentations made by insurance companies, that you will end up with less money with your car accident injury claim if you hire a law firm. The problem is that it makes sense! Most people aren’t greedy, trying to make money off of a personal […]

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B&A Firm, here when you need us.

Thu Jul 11th, by General |

At Boley & AlDabbagh, we know that hiring counsel is not like picking out a movie or hitting a happy hour after work. Hiring a lawyer is not something you want to do, but an ugly necessity. When clients walk in our door, they are distressed and have major problems. […]

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What do I do if pulled over for DUI?

Wed Jul 10th, by Criminal Defense |

First of all, don’t drive intoxicated. That goes without saying. The general legal answer is to never participate in an investigation against yourself. You are not legally obligated to answer questions, perform field sobriety tests, or submit to a chemical test. Except one very important exception under Nevada law: If […]

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