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What do I do if pulled over for DUI?

Wed Jul 10th, by Criminal Defense |

First of all, don’t drive intoxicated. That goes without saying. The general legal answer is to never participate in an investigation against yourself. You are not legally obligated to answer questions, perform field sobriety tests, or submit to a chemical test. Except one very important exception under Nevada law: If […]

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Ambulance Chasers and Insurance

Tue Sep 6th, by General |

We all know the negative stereotypes of money hungry lawyers. Those damn lawyers follow ambulances to the hospital to sign up injury clients so that they can make money. Here’s the truth: When you are the victim of a car accident, it is a race for your rights. Insurance companies […]

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Staying Out of Trouble Can be Tough

Wed Aug 31st, by General |

Many people do not fully understand the ramifications of accepting a plea bargain. When you enter a plea to a misdemeanor, there is generally a jail sentence that is suspended, or held over your head, while you do some requirements and stay out of trouble. For instance, you could be […]

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The Two Elements of a Strong Personal Injury Case

Mon Aug 29th, by General |

There is a ton of misinformation in the Las Vegas Valley about personal injury cases and settlements. Many mass marketing campaigns are designed to capitalize on the fact that the general public does not fully understand how the law protects them not do they understand insurance products in general. Notice […]

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