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Stay out of the Courtroom? Hell no!

Thu Aug 25th, by General |

The best way to market to people is to play on their motivation and fear. Most people are terrified of courtrooms. And they should be! There is a crazy person in a robe with a hammer in his or her hand that is given the power to take money from you, put you in jail, or make you do a myriad of other things. There is a guy with a gun and handcuffs that tells you where to stand and hollers “ALL RISE” when the crazy person with the robe walks in. It is a backwards, strange world where we use phrases in Latin and gibberish like “wherefore” and “henceforth.”

Certain attorneys use this natural fear of the courtroom to market to people and push an agenda. That agenda is quick settlement. Many of the volume firms in the Las Vegas Valley will only file an insurance claim and attempt negotiations for you. If your personal injury matter goes forward as far as to even file a document in the Eighth Judicial District Court, they outsource it to another firm. They sell this practice as easier for the client, and less stressful. This is partially true. But there is an ugly truth to this: You get less money in the end.

Lawyers go to school for a long time and work very hard to gain a high degree of skill. Many of us have a long resume of litigation. On the other side of the coin, insurance defense attorneys COUNT ON us backing down and settling low to keep our clients out of court.

How do I know this? Easy. I worked as an insurance defense attorney *cue imperial march* for some of the largest insurance companies in the world. Insurance companies are not dumb. They know which lawyers seek a quick settlement and those who will grind them out in litigation. It is much more costly for an insurance company (whose lawyers bill hourly) to go up against a firm that has a track record of litigation. Therefore, they are willing to pay out more money to clients of lawyers who file a lot of court documents. And, the value of a claim goes up by simply filing court documents. Not to mention taking depositions and ultimately jury trial.

Don’t settle for less, LITERALLY. Boley & AlDabbagh is a boutique personal injury firm that litigates. Our clients reap the reward of this reputation and experience.