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Value-added Criminal Defense

Thu Jul 18th, by General |

What is the role of a private criminal defense attorney? Contrary to many people’s understanding, it is quite different than a Public Defender or appointed counsel. Only indigent people qualify for government funded attorneys, and they are the ultimate champions of justice. In fact, be wary of any private attorney who would say anything negative about a public defender. They are truly the best of us.

There are some things which are similar. We both make sure that your rights are observed and work hard to get you the best possible result. But a private attorney has an extra challenge of being worth the money you pay them. In pursuit of this goal, customer service is key.

At Boley & AlDabbagh, our staff is trained to walk you through the administrative side of a criminal case. From beginning to end, our obligation is to relieve the burden on the client. In many instances, we are able to limit the number of times you appear in court. We are able to spend more raw time and energy on individual files, and cover many of the inconveniences. The goal is always to get the best result, but we create a custom plan to get you back on track and back to your life.

Justice is priceless. But the services of an attorney are not. We strive to deliver value to our clients.