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FAQ: I Was Arrested in Las Vegas For Smoking Weed. Do I Need a Lawyer?

A: In Las Vegas, a criminal defense attorney with experience in marijuana and other drug charges will almost always get you a better result than if you try and handle your case alone. Even if the Las Vegas Metro officer caught you smoking marijuana and decided not to arrest you, he probably still gave you a citation with a court date. While you were lucky to not have to spend a night in jail, you are still facing criminal charges. You should definitely consult with a lawyer.

If you were arrested for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, you are facing a misdemeanor drug charge. We also often see drug paraphernalia charges tacked on to simple possession charges, as they are separate crimes. In fact, you could even be cited or arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia even though you had no drugs on you. These crimes are also misdemeanors. In most of these types of cases, we are able to reach plea bargains that result in our clients having no criminal record. We will usually negotiate with the prosecutor to allow our clients to either pay a small fine or take an online class in exchange for the charges being dismissed. We can even obtain this result without our client ever stepping foot in a court room. This is especially useful for people who were on vacation in Las Vegas or who reside in different states, as our fee usually comes out to being less than what it would cost a person to travel back to Nevada to handle the charges themselves.

If you were arrested or cited for possession of marijuana under an ounce, or any other drug crime, call Boley & AlDabbagh today. Our criminal consultations are always free.