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FAQ: How do I Post Bail for a Person Arrested In Las Vegas?

Q: A family member was arrested while on vacation in Las Vegas, and is being held at the Clark County Detention Center. How do I get him out of jail?

A: You can get your loved one out of jail in one of three ways:

  1. Post bail with Clark County Detention Center directly. Your friend/family member will be released if you post the entire amount of the set bail. You will get this money back when the case closes or the money can be used to pay any fines associated with the case. This can be problematic if you are out of state, and don’t have someone in Las Vegas that you can have take money to the jail, as this needs to be done in person. The jail will take cash, credit cards, or cashier’s checks.
  2. Hire a criminal defense attorney to argue for a reduction of the bail, or for the defendant to be released on his own recognizance (i.e. to be released “O.R.”). Criminal defense lawyers can make an argument to reduce the amount of the bail from where it is initially set. In general, arguments the attorney can use are that the defendant is not a flight risk, has connections to the community, is not a danger to the community, has a low liklihood of conviction, and doesn’t pose a danger to the public. This is an argument that your attorney would build and present to the Judge after interviewing the defendant and any relevant family members, friends or employers. Our firm is quite successful with these types of motions, and generally see significant bail reductions, especially in high end cases.
  3. Hire a bail bondsman. Every bail bondsman in the state of Nevada is required by law to charge 15% of the total amount of the bail as their fee. In return, that bail bondsman is responsible for insuring that the defendant goes to court for all future appearances. Therefore, bondsmen can impose requirements to minimize their risk. They can require collateral, like a car title or a lien on a home. Or they can require that you check in weekly or be under a GPS locator. Different bond companies will require different levels of supervision, and their requirements for posting a bond will vary depending on a number of factors. It is generally advantageous to ask your criminal defense attorney who they recommend. Each criminal attorney works with a few bail bondsmen that they know well. In most instances, the attorney and bondsman have grown to trust each other, so you can benefit from that relationship.