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FAQ - How Much Is My Case Worth?

Q: How much money will I get for injuries I received from a car accident in Las Vegas?


Every case is different, but the best of Las Vegas car accident injury lawyers will be able to give you a basic idea of what kind of amount your case is worth. This is because we can analyze all of the various factors involved, such as things like: which insurance companies we are dealing with; the severity of your accident and injuries; what kind of insurance policies are available; what kind of medical treatment you need, etc., and come up with a fairly accurate estimate of how much money you can end up with if you were to pursue a personal injury claim.

If you sustained injuries from an accident and wish to be fairly compensated, you should consider hiring an accident and injury lawyer who will maximize the value you can receive from your case. Boley & AlDabbagh have the experience and expertise needed to get you every dollar that you deserve, and we offer free consultations. Please feel free to call us at 702-435-3333.