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FAQ: I Was Denied A Work Card, What Can I Do?

A: There are three options when you have been denied your right to work in a protected business in Las Vegas:

  1. Appeal the denial to the Clark County Business License Department. This is usually the best option, as it can be done quickly and we have a great deal of success in appeal hearings. We wrote a more detailed article about Work Card Denial Appeals, to learn more about this option click HERE.
  2. Petition the court where your criminal record originates to have your record sealed or expunged. Once the record is gone, you can reapply and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will no longer have grounds to deny your work card. Our law firm does handle Record Seals in Nevada.
  3. Look for a job in Las Vegas that does not require a work card. The Las Vegas Municipal Code defines jobs that require work cards as “certain businesses, trades and professions that require a high degree of supervision and that seriously affect the public health, safety, prosperity, security, comfort, convenience, general welfare and property of the City and its residents”.