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Las Vegas Area Traffic Citations

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer to Fix Your Ticket


When you are convicted for a traffic violation in the state of Nevada, in addition to the court fines and costs you are required to pay, “demerit points” are added to your license by the DMV. These “points” are reported to your insurance company, which can cause an increase in your insurance rates. Additionally, if 12 or more points are added to your license in any 12 month period, your driver’s license will be suspended for 6 months. The points added to your license vary depending on the traffic violation you are being charged with. For example, a speeding charge of 1-10mph over the limit is worth 1 point, whereas a reckless driving charge is worth 8 points.

The Nevada DMV has assigned various demerit points to each traffic violation. The Nevada DMV website publishes its point system here.

By hiring Las Vegas attorneys Boley & AlDabbagh to represent you on your traffic citation, in most cases you can expect these results:

  • A reduction from “moving violation” to “non moving violation” (aka a 0 point parking ticket)
  • An extension of up to 90 days to make payment
  • No points on your license
  • No increase in insurance premiums
  • No need to waste hours of your life just to sit in court
  • In cases of no insurance/license/registration, a significant reduction in the fine or outright dismissal of the charge

*UPDATE* – The largest jurisdiction court in Las Vegas is Clark County Justice Court. Recently, the court changed its policy on how it handles traffic violations. It is common for the traffic court judge to require online traffic school in order to reduce moving violations to a non moving parking ticket.


You may think that it is unnecessary to go as far as hiring a traffic citation lawyer to represent you on your traffic ticket. However, it is actually one of the smartest things you could do! Clark County is very unique in how it handles traffic violations. The district and city attorney offices have made a policy decision to plea deal most moving violation traffic tickets to non-moving violations rather than waste the resources in trying to prosecute people who have hired traffic ticket lawyers to fight their tickets for them. As a result, Las Vegas traffic lawyers can now get amazing results on traffic tickets with very little effort, allowing us to charge nominal amounts to our clients.

In many cases, and depending on which court the citation is in, we are able to get a reduction in the fine amount as well. These reductions typically MORE than pay for our services, without even taking into consideration all of the other benefits we provide that are listed above.

If you are cited in North Las Vegas, Henderson or any other outlying Las Vegas area jurisdictions, many law firms will charge you inflated prices for the “inconvenient” distance. Many times these traffic tickets are resolved over the phone or via fax and e-mail, making the inflated pricing unnecessary. At the Boley & AlDabbagh Law Firm, our goal is to resolve your traffic violations with as little cost to you as possible, and our personal guarantee is to be completely transparent with how we resolve each case.